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Gone are the days of cobbling event management tools together with a clunky learning management system that has a poor user experience. Cinch is a Learning Content Management System (LCMS) that goes beyond content authoring. Cinch enables your organization to utilize and integrate with best-in-class tools for online training, webinars, and live classroom training, in one beautiful experience.

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Businesses are not satisfied with current learning technology.

Current learning management systems are not capable of meeting the demands of enterprise organizations that need integrated experiences. Learning data needs to be shared with third-party tools, internal data stores, and customers. A single monolithic LMS is outdated and is holding organizations back.


of the learning technology budget is comprised of LMS


of users are satisfied with in-person classroom scheduling


of users are satisfied with virtual classroom management
Source: 2016 Brandon Hall Learning Technology Study


Cinch is a training management platform plus LCMS that enables you to create learning opportunities like never before. It is built with a scalable architecture ready for your organization's evolving needs.

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Cinch makes connecting training data a cinch

Typical Learning Management System
Cinch Training Management Platform Plus LCMS
Feature set limited by the application. Challenging to predict future needs.
Built with scalable architecture to handle future needs.
Integrating other tools is challenging, costly, and not always possible.
Can incorporate best of breed third-party technology into the platform.
Limited customization customization.
Integrate new training platforms as your enterprise needs grow.
Most LMS utilize outdated standards
(i.e. SCORM)
Combine SCORM and new standards such as Agile SCORM and xAPI as you see fit.


Streamlined Learning Content Management

  • Simple and efficient content authoring: Swiftly create and manage content using structured forms, multiple question type templates, drag and drop question management, etc.
  • Question Bank: Put your questions into a centralized question bank allowing you to seamlessly add questions into multiple exams.
  • Real-time content updates: Update content as you need to. You no longer have to bundle content updates with technical deployments fraught with risks.
  • Pull exam content via api: Skip the hassle of locating, finding and retrieving your exam data--Cinch will pull it in automatically.
  • Use your own designs: Design for your end-user experience by using our API’s to enable your templates. (Supports your custom templates.)

Streamlined Training Administration

  • Simplify the Admin Experience: Cinch gives you a single interface to manage multiple apps. Increase in-house expertise and ownership by reducing complexity of dealing with too many systems.
  • Increased efficiency: Increase in-house expertise and ownership by reducing complexity of dealing with too many systems.
  • Single System Simplicity: Use only one system and data is propagated to various systems behind the scenes.
  • Power up with Calendaring: Cinch allows you to set up, plan and track events via a single calendar integrated with GoToWebinar.

Streamlined Integration

  • Utilize best-in-class 3rd party tools: Maximize your user experience by connecting your training to the best tools out there for webinars, live training, virtual conferences, and more.
  • Simplify Administration: Administer all training from a single easy to use interface.
  • Improved Analytics: Keep track of analytics using our state of the art learning analytics platform.
  • Work with any LMS: Work with the LMS that you’ve invested in but with Cinch, it will be a world-class experience.


  • Preview Exams: Preview the exam as the end-users will see it straight from the exam.
  • Scoring & Passing: Set scoring and percentage pass rates as needed for exams.
  • Answer Keys: Quickly and easily generate answer keys for your exams.
  • Prebuilt or Custom Exam Templates: Quickly publish exams using prebuilt templates. Or customize your existing templates to work with Cinch.
  • Multiple Question Types: Create exams with diverse sets of questions allowing you to hit the right tone and rigor with your end-users.


  • All your data in one view: Quickly see the health of your training in one view even if the data sits in multiple systems.
  • Quickly produce reports using real-time data: Show stakeholders real-time progress of how individual training are driving customer satisfaction.
  • See exam completions in your dashboard: The power of integration with cinch helps you keep an overview of your exams for better decision making.
  • Actionable Net Promoter Score data: Cinch integrates directly with SurveyMonkey to display your Net Promoter Scores in real-time allowing admins to see how useful each training is for users.


Switching to Cinch is, well a cinch. Cinch is built as a modular platform. You can pick and choose what modules you'd like to use. If you have an existing LMS, you can even continue using it, and we'll ensure that your learning data goes where it needs to go. Of course, we think you'll have the best results if you eventually utilize the entire CinchHub ecosystem.

We know the e-learning space. Here are some of the awards we won and the clients we work with.

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